Ten Benefits of Having an Active Lifestyle

The lifespan of Americans has either stalled or decreased for about 10 years. Most of us have been taught since childhood that we need to exercise and remain active. But why? One side of the equation contains the risks of a sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle is a very attractive and very easy trap to fall into. Streaming services, cable television, and satellite television mean that most Americans do not even need to leave home to see a movie. And young people develop sedentary habits early through video games and social media platforms. Screen time on mobile devices allows children to play with friends and socialize without ever leaving their bedroom. People who are sedentary are more likely to be obese, develop heart disease, and suffer Type II diabetes. But the effects of screen time and sedentary jobs are not limited to physical disease. A sedentary lifestyle also leads … Continue reading Ten Benefits of Having an Active Lifestyle