Taking A Look At The Benefits Of Going To An Urgent Care Center

When it comes to accessible health care, urgent care centers provide some of the best of it. For one thing, as much as 85% of all urgent care locations can be found to have hours on each day of the week, something that allows for more people to get medical help while avoiding the costs and high wait times of the emergency room. Urgent care locations are also springing up all throughout the country, with more than 7,000 of them open for business by the time that we had reached the year of 2016 (and even more coming into being since). In addition to this, more than three million people take advantage of urgent care services over the course of just one week. Thanks to this demand for urgent care treatment, up to 20,000 doctors are now employed at various walk-in medical clinics found throughout the country.

Walk in urgent care centers also provide a wide variety of medical treatment, from urgent care in lacey WA to urgent care in Puyallup WA to an urgent care clinic found on the other side of the country. For instance, various skin conditions are readily treated at the average walk in clinic. Poison ivy is a common skin condition seen in walk in clinics, thanks to the fact that it is found in the entirety of the continental United States as well as the fact that up to 85% of all people are allergic to it. In addition to poison ivy cases, sunburn cases might also be seen in a walk-in medical care clinic, thanks to the fact that sun damage will begin after only about 15 minutes of unprotected exposure to the sun.

Care for injuries is also common in medical clinics far and wide. After all, up to 80% of all walk-in clinics now have the capability to both diagnose and treat fractures. Ankle sprains, of which there are up to 25,000 occurring in the span of one day, are also commonly seen in urgent care settings. The most common procedure performed in a multicare urgent care center, after all, is wound repair – sometimes even wound repair like stitches.

Illnesses of all kinds are also, of course, common in urgent care centers ranging from urgent care North Spokane to urgent care Mill Creek WA to urgent care near me. The most common illness diagnosed in urgent care clinics remains the respiratory infection, but urinary tract infections are also prevalent in such places, with more than 8 million of them diagnosed over the course of a year. The common cold and all its varieties will also be seen frequently in walk in medical clinics, as up to one billion cases of this illness will arise in that same period of time. And while many people will recover from the common cold in two to 14 days (in 10 days on average), some might go on to develop complications like sinus infections, which will need further treatment.

Food poisoning cases are also commonplace throughout the country. In fact, millions of people – up to 48 million people, to be just a bit more specific – come down with some kind of food poisoning each and every year. In many cases, food poisoning will be able to be dealt with at home. In some instances, however, this will not be the case. For about 3,000 people each year, food poisoning actually ends up being deadly. Fortunately, this fate can be prevented simply by taking steps to ensure that it does not escalate to this point. Going in to an urgent care clinic for IV fluids can put a stop to some of the more dangerous side effects to food poisoning.

At the end of the day, there is no denying the critically important role that urgent care location and walk in clinics play all throughout the United States. For a great many people, urgent care centers provide accessible medical care in all forms, from care for injuries to illnesses to even preventative care, as can be found in the flu shots that the majority of all urgent care centers readily supply leading up to and throughout each flu season.

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