Mondays Do Not Have to be the Worst

Are you ready to crush this week?

Did you spend Sunday relaxing and rejuvenating so that you are ready for whatever happens on what can often be the roughest morning of the week? Maybe you did some meal prep, some relaxing yoga, personal reading, or playing games with your kids, but what ever you do to get yourself ready for the new week is a perfect investment in being ready for the next set of challenges.

Come on Monday! Let’s do this!
Encouraging Yourself to Embark on the Healthiest of Routines Can Help You Create Some Really Great Mondays
What are you doing to make sure that this new year and this new decade are your best ones ever? If you are like most Americans you may have ended the first month of the new year without a serious commitment to being your best self. Fortunately, the beginning of a new week can serve as ample motivation to kick start your efforts. Perhaps this is why so many health club facilities offer a number of incentives the second month of the new year. Looking for a way to promote new memberships every month of the year, in fact, is an essential part of making sure that these clubs remain successful. With the average monthly cost of a gym membership only being $58, many clubs have to get lots of members in order to be profitable.

And just as the members themselves have a goal to get in three to four workouts a week, most gyms realize that If they can keep you in the habit of working out then you will likely continue to pay your dues. Th latest research, however, indicate that there are approximately 30,500 gyms and health clubs in the U.S., so this means a significant amount of competent for individual locations and franchises. Perhaps because of this competition, more and more gyms are investing in the highest levels of member account management software platforms that will not only promote regular attendance, but also make the management side of these memberships easier to handle.

In fact, the latest member account management software packages can not only handle the finances of weekly and monthly memberships, but also help facilities track the kind of services that are used most often, as well as the times of the day when it pays to have extra staff on hand. Gym membership often picks up at the beginning of a new year, but there are also times when this activity level decreases as the middle of the winter arrives. Knowing that most of us are creatures of habit, however, means that if a gym can get you to go at least twice a week, the average number of visits for most members, they can create a new customer who will commit to sticking around.

Interestingly enough, some small colleges are also reaping the benefits of the latest member account management software platforms. Realizing that the largest gym-going demographic is adults between the ages of 20 and 64, there are some franchise fitness centers who are offering their services to colleges. With an attempt to get college college students to commit to a branded fitness center, for instance, these franchises hope that they are creating lifelong members. The college memberships are offered free and the frequency of use can easily be monitored by the latest member account management software packages. This data from the health club software system can then be used to help market to students as they prepared to graduate.

On small campuses, the best way to offer their students the best fitness equipment is by also opening up memberships to local community members. It is at this time when gym membership management system data is especially helpful as the facility leadership team can most efficiently staff the building. Getting a handle on how a gym membership software platform can benefit a facility is especially important in a time when the latest research from Nielsen Global Consumer Exercise Trends Survey indicates that 45% of millennials exercise regularly. Attracting and keeping this demographic, of course, is a profitable goal.

While Americans are working to keep themselves fit, they are also contributing to a healthy economy.

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