Wheel Chair Alterations

About 10% of the world’s population must deal with a disability. That is roughly over 650 million people. While some disabilities do not affect mobility, many do. It may seem counterintuitive to suggest that you can have an active lifestyle if you are in a wheelchair, but you can. Accessibility does not have to be limited if you are in a wheelchair.

Wheelchair alterations can be made to help overcome accessibility issues to ensure that you can continue to have a highly active lifestyle. There are alterations that will make your wheelchair more comfortable and improve your accessibility.

Comfort is Key

Many people that need a wheelchair for mobility complain about the discomfort and fatigue it causes them. Simple alterations to your wheelchair can help make it more comfortable to use. Wheelchair arm pads, wheelchair comfort cushions, and upgraded wheelchair backrests can help improve comfort exponentially.

It is strongly recommended that you change out your wheelchair cushion often. Having a few on hand so you can switch them out will help to improve your comfort. Modifying your wheelchair with comfort items can help to reduce fatigue and keep you on the go.

Mobility Alterations

Mobility alterations (changes that are made to improve accessibility) can also help keep you on the go. If being off-road is something that you enjoy, switch out your tires for off-road wheelchair tires and get back in the woods. You do not have to deny yourself accessibility to the places that you love to go. You just need to make some modifications to ensure you can get there.

High Performance Wheelchairs

The next level up after alterations to your current chair is investing in a high performance wheel chair. These wheel chairs are easier to maneuver and durable. With these wheelchairs, you will be more comfortable, improve your mobility, and live the active lifestyle you want.

High-performance wheelchairs are lighter yet have larger wheels. They can help with posture which helps with comfort. They are ready to take you wherever you want to go. Being in a wheelchair does not mean you cannot live the life that you have always wanted, it just means you must make some modifications to the plan. Learn more about wheelchair alterations, repairs, and maintenance today, and do not let anything keep you from living the life you want to.

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