Preparing Your Yard for Family Leisure Pool Installation

Few home improvements can be as fun as installing a pool in your home. You may want to search online for things such as “pool next to house” so you can get an idea of what one will look like. You could also search for “straight line pool designs” or “resort style swimming pool” to get ideas of the types of pool you can install in your home.

You may also want to find out what type of pool is easiest to maintain so that you know the right pool to get. After you get your pool installed, you may want to learn about swimming pool renovations so that you know how to keep your pool in good shape throughout. This may help you know the right budget to set for pool installation and maintenance.

The professionals who install your pool should help you with the information you need about repairs and maintenance. Make sure that you’re comfortable and able to maintain your pool so that you can enjoy it for a long time to come. With proper maintenance and after you install the right pool for your home, you may be able to keep pool-related expenses low.

Do you want to install a family leisure pool? Congratulations! You and your family are about to have loads of fun for years. You are about to join 8% of American households with a swimming pool. According to Liveabout, around 10 million homes have a swimming pool. First, though, comes the tough and daunting part: preparing your yard for the family leisure pool installation.

Over time, home pool demand has increased significantly. To date, there are over 10 million residential pools across the country. That’s because the swimming pool market will reach $10 billion by 2030, as per Yahoo Finance reports.

This article will lay down several practical steps to help you with your family leisure pool installation. From keeping your lawn healthy to buying outdoor furniture, you will bring splashes of fun to your backyard. By the end of the article, you’ll get tips and answers to important questions.

1. Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Before you start your family leisure pool installation, you’ll need a nice aesthetic. That means your lawn needs proper maintenance to have the best look. Remember that swimmers will spend much of their time outside, so the place needs to be impressive.

First, pay attention to the health of your soil. If it is hard and compressed, grass will not grow well. Over time, your yard will lose its spark. To improve soil health, ensure the yard is well aerated. That way, air, water, and sunlight will reach the grass’s roots, growing thicker and healthier.

Additionally, learn to mow your lawn correctly. If you don’t know any proper lawn mowing techniques, bring in a local lawn service to help. Get some landscaping materials to cut the grass until it is at an ideal height. Ideally, you should never cut more than a third of the blade of grass. Otherwise, you’ll weaken and kill the grass and its roots.

2. Clear Out Obstacles

It’s likely that you have trees in your yard. Some trees might be an obstacle to family leisure pool installation, so you have no option but to let them go. It’s even worse if you’re dealing with a dead tree. The process of getting rid of a tree without destroying your yard can be taxing and requires an expert workforce. For this reason, you should bring in a tree removal company. A local tree removal service will also help clear the clutter.

If a tree has grown near the pool area, leaves and branches may fall into the water. If left unattended, the tree will shed profusely, and its leaves will eventually settle at the bottom. That could clog the filters and affect the pH levels of the water. In the end, the water may become discolored, making swimming unsafe.

Essentially, you need a stump removal service if you have tree stumps in your compound. Although they may look harmless, tree stumps may cause problems, especially if they are pressing onto the pool lining. Removing such an obstacle will ensure that the installed pool maintains structural integrity and sits firmly on or in the ground.

3. Get Rid of Pests

Your yard could be home to vermin and pests, which may make family leisure pool installation difficult. Having bugs buzzing around the yard doesn’t sit well with anyone. Your family won’t like swimming in an infested area. Remember that bugs favor moist areas, in this case near your pool. so you’ll have to deal with them at once.

The quickest solution to dealing with a bug infestation is to bring in a pest control company. Experts may set traps for bigger rodents using non-harmful methods. Your yard will be ready for the family leisure pool installation in no time.

If you’re not ready to hire any experts, you can implement several DIY solutions to eliminate pests. First, remove all food sources like bird feeders and greasy barbeque grills. Then, get rid of any standing water (in the case of mosquitoes). Also, buy bug zapper lights to discourage flying pests from swimming near your yard.

4. Choose Some Poolside Plants

To improve the aesthetic of your family’s leisure pool, you should incorporate a couple of poolside plants. However, you should be careful when choosing the plants. Remember, some plants litter and their leaves become a nuisance over time. If you’re unsure where to start, bring in a lawn and garden service. The expert gardeners should help you get the right plants: not too leafy or bare.

Choose large-leaved plants if you decide to go plant shopping at the local garden supply store. Although they shed, it is easier to clean up because they have low-leaf litter. Plus, they give your yard a succulent feel that makes the swimming pool appear like an oasis in the jungle. Some low-leaf litter plants include the Mediterranean Fan Palm and the Mountain Laurel.

To manage plant care, use large containers or pots. This will allow you to bring interesting textures and colors all in one place. The mixes will create a brilliant appearance, and your yard will look ready for the family leisure pool installation. Ensure the plants are relatively far from the pool to prevent leaves from landing on the water’s surface.

5. Buy Some Outdoor Furniture

Imagine basking under the sun on a fine morning in a pool beside your home. You’re lucky enough to have a pool in your home. Therefore, you should maximize your enjoyment. As part of your family leisure pool installation, consider installing the right pool furniture. It will ensure you curate your yard to be the perfect outdoor area. Walking into a patio furniture store and talking to the attendant should set the ball rolling.

You can start by picking sun loungers to give swimmers a place to stretch out and soak up the sun. Since they come in different colors, use them to add a pop of life to your space. Be sure to select a durable, long-lasting product, for example, one made of aluminum. The shine and robustness of the aluminum loungers will make your pool stand out.

If you want your pool area to be a social hub, consider getting an outdoor living room set. Complete with tables and cushions, the set will bring depth, texture, and warmth to the yard. To give you an idea, choose a sofa with a neutral color and then mix and match the other set items. Customize the entire space until your outdoor furniture blends perfectly with the yard.

6. Install a Fence

Owning a pool is fun for the whole family, but it is also a huge responsibility. You must always ensure that passersby, animals, and children cannot access the pool. Pools can easily be a danger zone, especially for little kids. Therefore, you should invest in a fence to prepare your yard for family leisure pool installation.

For many states, it is a requirement to have an enclosure for a swimming pool. So, check what the local building codes say about the measurements and materials to use. The fence installation should not commence without the necessary approvals to avoid trouble with the state.

Once you understand what the law requires of you, explore the available fence options. The most common type of fence is mesh because it is easy to install. However, you can explore glass fences because of their visual appeal. Other options include vinyl, which needs little to no maintenance, and metal frames and wood fences.

What to Consider Before Getting a Pool (Important Questions Answered)

You know how to prepare your yard for family leisure pool installation. Still, you must do your homework first to ensure that this investment goes well. To help yourself take on this project, consider the following questions. They will help you discover what you want.

Why Have the Pool in the First Place?

Like with any other renovation project, you need to establish reasons for putting up the swimming pool. Once you understand the rationale behind the decision, you will pick the right type of pool. Also, you will know the right size, shape, and depth to go for.

Will you use the pool for relaxing, recreation, or laps? Is it for adults or your children and their friends? Or is it going to be a focal point for your yard? Once your purpose is clear, the rest of the decisions will be easy to figure out. For example, if your pool is for family recreation, it’s obvious that it won’t be as deep as a public swimming pool.

Will My Yard Allow for the Leisure Pool Installation?

Beautiful as it may be, your yard needs to have the right shape to allow pool installation. You won’t have a big problem if it is a flat site. However, the construction costs may go up if it has any sloping. Other ground conditions like soil type and high water table will also affect the installation.

Regarding the yard, shading is another factor to consider. If your yard has overgrown trees, they may cast a shadow on the pool, limiting the sun. Sometimes, it could be that your neighbor’s trees have encroached on your yard. In such a situation, you may need to talk to them before setting up the pool. Consult a pool builder to inspect your yard to determine its readiness fully.

How Much Are You Likely to Spend?

When you have your yard ready for the swimming pool, the next thing is to figure out the costs. A basic concrete pool is generally more expensive, so you may want to explore fiberglass as a construction material. According to Forbes, fiberglass pools cost $20,000. With concrete, however, you may part with over $50,000. That’s because concrete swimming pools have customized shapes and sizes, which means more labor.

Apart from the material costs, you should factor in other pool expenses, which include landscaping and decking. Also, you need to pay for filters plus the running and servicing pumps. Other costs may be saltwater chlorinators, suction cleaners, chemicals, and self-cleaning units.

The swimming pool lining will probably cost you the most. Some pools will need acid washes on the lining every three years. They may also need resurfacing and replastering every ten years. If your pool has a vinyl lining, you should plan for repairs every five years because of possible puncturing.

What Type of Pool Should You Go For?

Depending on the space, requirements, and location, you may consider any of the following pool types: inground, above-ground, or repurposed. Also, there is a relatively new option of having a shipping container pool. The road you take will depend on your needs, but more importantly, your budget.

Inground and above-ground pools are the most popular options. As the name suggests, inground pools require that you dig up your yard. The advantage is that you can have it as deep as you want. On the other hand, above-ground pools sit in your yard. They can come to your rescue if the zoning laws in your area do not allow for excavation.


You’re ready to start your family leisure pool installation. Your yard needs to be in tip-top shape before you start the groundbreaking. Once you clear out all obstacles and eliminate existing pests, bring in an expert pool builder. Depending on your pool type, they will help you determine the costs. When you’re ready, the job can begin.

Once the pool installation is complete, go shopping for poolside plants and outdoor furniture. That should improve the overall aesthetic of the yard. Then, install a fence as per state requirements. Finally, have a ceremony to open the pool to your family and friends, and have the time of your life.

Talk to the builder about maintenance and inspect the pool daily. Ensure the water is clean and the filters are free from clogging. Clean the water with non-harmful chlorinated chemicals, and check for any unwanted plant growth. That should help you and your family have an enjoyable time. All the best with the installation!

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