Seven Types Of Medical Clinics You Need To Know About

No matter how old you are or what your medical background is, everyone wants to feel good. That means feeling good mentally and feeling good physically. But try as we might, sometimes it’s hard to feel 100% and a hard truth is that most people don’t feel in tip-top shape every day and the numbers back that truth:

  • By 2030, it’s estimated that six out of 10 Baby Boomers will have to manage a chronic condition.
  • Almost 70% of Americans are affected by low back pain every day.
  • It’s been reported that just one in 10 Baby Boomers report their physical activity is limited to just a few times every month.

So what can you do is get in better shape and get to feeling better? Fortunately, there are many types of medical clinics that can offer comprehensive health care. Whether you get treated at an urgent care for something simple like allergies or an ankle sprain or you’re hoping to see a specialist to manage a specific kind of pain, there are many kinds of clinics listed below where you can get the treatment you need.

Some different types of medical clinics include:

  • Family medical clinics: When you or a member of your family isn’t feeling well, you want to be sure you’ve got a healthcare provider that’s going to take care of everyone. At a family clinic, doctors will coordinate care, offer needed treatments to prevent infections and help manage chronic conditions. Most of these clinics can even offer care for infants, including vaccinations and immunization.
  • Sports medical clinics: Whether you’re a professional athlete or you’re just a master of your local rec league, it’s very difficult to avoid getting injured in some way. Thankfully, sports medicine clinics can offer assessments and treatment for acute sports injuries as well as chronic sports injuries. These clinics will help athletes get treatment and help them rehab quickly so injuries will heal faster.
  • Urgent care: If you’ve got a non-life-threatening medical issue you’re dealing with like acute sprain or an infection of some kind, going to your local walk-in urgent care center is the way to go. It’s estimated that more than three million Americans visit urgent care facilities each week and it’s not hard to see why. You’ll be seen by experienced medical professionals, who can offer remedies for all kinds of ailments including pain, dizziness, STDs, sunburn, seizures and the flu among other things.
  • Chiropractors: As previously mentioned, many Americans, young and old, deal with back pain every single day. To that end, chiropractors can do wonders for back pain as well as pain in other areas like the neck and joints. In most cases, you’ll be able to get appointments quickly, get diagnosed quickly and help improve your body’s skeletal system. If you’re looking for a non-invasive and drug-free way to deal with pain, visiting a chiropractor is a good step.
  • Physiotherapy medical clinics: These clinics are good for people with sports injuries because they focus on improving, restoring and then maintaining a patient’s range of movement and their overall function. It’s estimated that about 40% of Americans dealing with chronic pain do nothing when it comes to seeking out a doctor for help. With physiotherapy, a patient’s range of motion will be greatly improved and that person will get a specialized treatment plan for dealing with and managing pain.
  • Immunization clinics: These days, it seems like there’s always some new illness to be wary of. And that’s saying nothing of flu season, which seems to worsen by the year. Thankfully, immunization clinics offer comprehensive care for getting all necessary immunizations like flu shots, tetanus shots and other vaccines.
  • Rehab clinics: A physiotherapy clinic may be able to help a patient heal from an injury, but if you’re dealing with an injury that’s going to take longer to heal—like after a major surgery—you may require the services of a rehabilitation clinic, which will give you the proper therapy needed to heal properly.

To borrow a phrase from Apple, regardless of what type of medical ailment you’re dealing with, there’s a medical clinic for that.

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