Health And Wellness The Things That An Urgent Care Clinic Helps You With

In the United States, Americans do all that they can to remain healthy throughout life. They exercise at least thirty minutes a day. They visit the doctor for regular checkups. They eat healthily; including an ample amount of fruits and vegetables in their everyday diet. However, because Americans are human beings, they are not immune to sicknesses, illnesses, and injury. In fact, many individuals develop colds, the flu, respiratory conditions, sprains or fractures, and women’s issues throughout the year. Instead of suffering with symptoms and/or pain, it is wise for individuals to visit a healthcare practitioner. If you developed any of these ailments, here is how an urgent care clinic helps you.

Urgent Care Clinic

There are various urgent care clinics that you can visit if you’re ill or injured. An urgent care clinic is typically open seven days a week; some provide 24 hour urgent care. This is extremely convenient because you can fit it into your schedule, easily. Additionally there are about 20,000 physicians that work at urgent care. And, lastly, an urgent care clinic assists 89 million patients every year. With that being said, an urgent care clinic is certainly a place you’ll want to go to in order to get better. You’ll be back to yourself in no time! Here’s what an urgent care clinic does:

What An Urgent Care Clinic Treats

You’d be surprised what an urgent care clinic can do for you, when you visit for illnesses and ailments.

Colds And Flu: Colds and flu are worth discussing, since these illnesses increase during the cold, winter months. If you have a cold or the flu, you can visit an urgent care clinic to help you. A physician will recommend over the counter medications, a Decongestant, and cough medicine if your cold gave you a cough. In terms of the flu, a physician will recommend about the same form of treatment as a cold. He or she will also recommend plenty of fluids and rest. After visiting an urgent care clinic and getting the proper medications, you’ll begin to feel better.

Respiratory Conditions: Some individuals develop respiratory conditions throughout their lifetime. Some of these respiratory conditions consist of, but are not limited to, asthma, bronchitis or chronic bronchitis, Emphysema, Pneumonia- and more. An urgent care clinic can help you treat and maintain respiratory conditions. This is ideal so you’re not suffering.

A physician will recommend prescription medications for bronchitis, such as cough medicine, cough “pearls,” and an inhaler if you have trouble breathing. A physician will also recommend and prescribe you with an inhaler if you have asthma. A physician will recommend antibiotics, fluids, and oxygen therapy for pneumonia. After visiting an urgent care clinic, and doing what a physician says, your respiratory condition will become under control.

For ailments such as bronchitis, and pneumonia, you’ll start to feel better after a week or so.

It is important to note that you may have a lingering cough for a bit with bronchitis, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not getting better!

Sprains And Fractures: Whether you became injured from playing sports or falling at work, an urgent care clinic can help you! This is specific to sprains and fractures.

A sprain is defined as, stretching or tearing of ligaments, that connects bones and joints. A physician will recommend RICE. This stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. An urgent care physician can also provide you with crutches so you are not putting any weight on the sprain; if it’s the ankle. A physician will also recommend pain medication.

If your sprain is extremely bad, you may need surgery.

For a fracture, the recommendation from a physician depends on how bad the fracture is. You may need a splint, a cast, and physical therapy. In addition, a physician will recommend an over the counter product for the pain.

Women’s Issues: An urgent care clinic can treat women’s issues, such as a urinary tract infection. After all, women get urinary tract infections 30 times more often than men. A physician will recommend antibiotics, cranberry pills, and plenty of fluids.

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