Why You Should Go To Your Local Urgent Care Clinic

If you’re looking for hugely convenient medical care, you should consider your nearest urgent care location. After all, more than 80% of all urgent care centers found throughout the country offer urgent care treatment every single day of the week. These urgent care clinics often provide medical treatment later into the evening and earlier in the morning than your typical general care practitioner’s office as well.

If your doctor’s office is closed, going to a walk in urgent care center is well within your best interests. You might think that you should go to an emergency room, but this is likely to not be the case. After all, the wait time at any given emergency room is very long indeed – likely to last an hour, if not longer. In your typical walk in clinic, on the other hand, you’re not likely to even wait a mere half of an hour. In up to 70% of all urgent care clinics, the average wait time is even less than that – a mere 20 minutes in total. And going to a medical walk-in clinic over an emergency room for a non-emergent medical issue is likely to save you a great deal of money as well. After all, emergency room care is very expensive indeed, likely to cost you more than $1,000 for a single visit, even if that visit was for a relatively minor medical concern.

Urgent care centers can actually provide treatment for a wide variety of cases. For instance, they can handle a number of different injuries. Ankle sprains are frequently see in urgent care clinics throughout the country, something that can certainly be tied to the fact that up to 25,000 ankle sprains will be sustained over the course of just one single day here in the United States alone. And in addition to this, it has been found that as many as 0% of all urgent care clinics can give both a diagnosis to and treatment for cases of minor fractures. There is no doubt about it that getting minor fracture treatment is something that can cost a lot. But when you go to walk in clinics and not to a hospital, you’ll be able to cut down on its overall cost quite tremendously indeed.

And these injuries are far from the only injuries that can be treated in urgent care centers. Minor wound repair can also be performed and many urgent care locations are even able to provide stitches to those who are in need of it. Through these means, urgent care centers are now able to provide high quality medical care for people in a great many parts of the country.

And various skin conditions can also be handled at walk in urgent care centers. For instance, it is far from uncommon for urgent care center doctors to see cases of poison ivy. This is due to the fact that poison ivy is so widespread that it can now be found in every single state that is located within the continental United States. It also causes allergic reactions for up to 85% of the total American population. Especially during summer months, when people are spending more time outside than ever before, it is common for doctors in any given urgent care setting to see at least a number of urgent care cases over the course of a single year.

And sunburn cases are also seen very frequently here in the United States. When you want to spend as much time outside as is possible during the summer, it can be all too easy to forget to apply sunscreen – or even just to remember to take precautions while in the sun, especially for an extended period of time. Even forgetting to reapply sunscreen can lead to cases of sunburn.

At the end of the day, there are many reasons that you should go to your local urgent care center. For many people, urgent care centers provide, by and large, the most comprehensive form of medical care available quickly and for a decent, affordable price. Altogether, urgent care centers have already make a considerable impact in the world as we know it.

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