Tips When Choosing Off Road Tires for Wheelchairs

You donand#39;t have to keep yourself miserable by not enjoying the great outdoors – even with your limited mobility.

With off road tires for wheelchairs, youand#39;re able to remove the restrictions of unpaved roads and rugged terrain. Any type of terrain becomes a pavement if you have the right tires.

Outdoor wheelchairs can be diverse, depending on the type of terrain itand#39;s designed for. The tires play an important role in maximizing your enjoyment.

Think about SUVs and tire chains. These implements help remove the limitations of driving in snowy pavements. You get the same benefit you get when you use to match your outdoor wheelchair with the right type of tire.

Read on and find out the things you need to consider when choosing off road tires for your wheelchair.

What Criteria Do You Need to Consider?

When choosing the best off road tires for wheelchairs, you need to know what criteria to look for. While everyoneand#39;s definition of the andquot;bestandquot; is subjective, there are similar points to group together to develop good selection criteria.

Regardless of the type of wheelchair you have, these factors are crucial to take into consideration:

  • Durability: Any chair created for outdoor needs has to endure rugged terrain and uneven path. Even if you have excellent off road wheelchair tires, you must have high performance wheelchair as well.
  • Ease of use: Good off road tires for wheelchairs will not be as enjoyable if youand#39;re not able to ride your chair in the first place. You need to have a wheelchair that you can easily use to take advantage of the off road tires.
  • Range: Specific to motorized wheelchairs, this criteria is about how far you can travel with your chair.

What are the Types of Outdoor Wheelchair?

Off road tires for wheelchairs need to match the chair you use. Itand#39;s the same concept where you canand#39;t place an SUV tire on a sedan. The optimal way of grouping together wheelchairs is by the amount of time youand#39;ll use them outdoors.

Here are three types of outdoor wheelchair you need to have:

  • Light outdoor use: These chairs do not have the farthest range since theyand#39;re for light outdoor use only. Theyand#39;re flexible for both indoor and outdoor use, though. However, this flexibility becomes a burden if youand#39;re planning to go adventuring on rough terrains all the time. Out of the three types, this chair has limited mobility.
  • Medium outdoor use: Compared to the previous type, these wheelchairs have better range and can handle more challenging terrains. Beach chairs fall in this category, as well as other chairs not optimized for extreme use.
  • Extreme outdoor use: Are you planning to spend time in the great outdoors for quite a while? This is the type of chair you should invest in. An extreme outdoor chair handles any type of terrain and allows you to move about the rugged landscape with ease.

How to Choose an All Terrain Wheelchair Tires

An all terrain wheel chair tire works in the same concept as an all terrain tires for vehicles. In general, these tires have specialized treads that can accommodate most terrain, whether smooth or rugged.

The rule of thumb you need to keep in mind is that the more tread, the better. With more tread, you can ride through any pavement without having to worry about slipping. You can go across both rugged and smooth terrain with optimal tire grips.

How to Choose a Beach Wheelchair Tires

Going outdoors does not always mean rugged landscape on the hill. A stroll along the beach also provides a great experience. If youand#39;re planning to spend some time on the beach, an all terrain tire will not do. You need to get beach tires for wheelchairs.

You can easily notice this tire because itand#39;s exceedingly large and have no treads. Without treads, you wonand#39;t have to worry about your wheels digging into the sand. Instead, youand#39;ll have a smooth ride since the wheels just glide across the sand.

Pick the Right Off Road Wheelchair Tires for Your

Choosing the correct off road wheelchair tires can be as complex or as easy as you want it to be. The criteria weand#39;ve presented here will help you match a wheelchair with the proper tires with the terrain you plan to go through.

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