Questions to Ask Your Tummy Tuck Doctor

If you are preparing for tummy tuck surgery, you may feel some nervousness. However, asking these questions to your tummy tuck doctor should provide comfort as you prepare for the procedure.
Getting a tummy tuck will alter your posture temporarily.

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It’s best to walk while slightly bent over when you arrive home after the procedure. Consider practicing the flex position a few days before surgery so that you can get used to lying in that position. Putting some pillows under your knees can help you get comfortable in the flex position.
What are The Essentials After Surgery?
Be sure to ask your tummy tuck doctor about the 24–48 hours after surgery. This is the time to drink water and relax. Taking medication and getting good sleep is expected, but having strong entertainment options on hand to keep your morale up is important. Your tummy tuck doctor will do their part to ensure that your recovery is a smooth process.
It’s also important that you’re on the same page with your caregiver until you’re able to get back on your feet.

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