What To Know About Walk-In Care

Using a walk-in urgent care service is a major way that healthcare solutions are made when emergency situations happen. Things happen that we can’t control sometimes, and your primary care doctor is not always freely available to help at that very moment. Urgent care centers provide care that may need to occur outside of your annual appointment with your primary care doctor. According to the Urgent Care Association’s Benchmarking Report Summary of 2017, 90% of walk-in urgent care centers reported 30 minutes or less for patients to wait to be seen after check-in. Going to a walk-in urgent care can be intimidating, especially during flu season when you are trying to avoid getting sick. If you are in need of finding a primary care doctor to see yearly to keep up with your health, get in touch with medical professionals online or by calling local medical centers for information. One thing your primary care physician can perform for you is covid testing with results to come shortly after. Oftentimes, walk in places do not provide results until days later, so using your own doctor is very helpful for maintaining your overall health status.

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