Considering The Many Reasons To Go To Your Local Urgent Care Clinic

All throughout the United States, urgent care clinics can be found. From urgent care near me to urgent care Covington WA or urgent care in Puyallup WA, there are urgent care centers just about everywhere. Employing as many as 20,000 doctors and serving as many as three million people each week, it is clear that the popularity of urgent care is ever-present, something that is only cemented by the fact that up to 85% of all urgent care centers are open seven days a week, all year.

In addition to this, there are many different medical conditions that can be handled with the aid of an urgent care facility. For one thing, various skin issues can be easily tackled in urgent care settings. Treatment of a sunburn is likely during the summer months, when most people are spending a good deal of time in the sunshine. As a sunburn can occur after only just 15 minutes of sun exposure (if not methods of sun protection are pursued), it is more than likely that each season will bring about more and more people who are in need of care for their sunburns. Fortunately, urgent care treatment will more than do the trick.

Poison ivy cases are likely to be seen all throughout the country as well. After all, poison ivy can be found in 48 of the 50 states – in the entirety of the continental United States, for that matter. And the vast majority of people are allergic to poison ivy, up to 86% of them. Therefore, cases seen in walk in urgent care centers are likely to be quite frequent indeed. Walk-in clinics can easily treat these conditions, bringing patients the relief that they are in need of as they wait for their poison ivy to clear up.

Of course, walk in clinics can deal with much more than sunburns and skin irritation alone. For instance, cases of food poisoning can be evaluated in urgent care locations. Many cases of food poisoning can simply be dealt with until they pass through one’s system, but this is certainly not the case for each and every case of food poisoning out there. Unfortunately, food poisoning can lead to some much more serious issues, such a severe dehydration. Because of this, it has been found that up to 3,000 total people die of food poisoning related causes with each and every year. Though most people make a full recovery (up to 48 million people come down with it on a yearly basis), it is important to go in to see a local doctor and get medical care at a local medical clinic if your symptoms are not abating and you are worried about dehydration and other issues stemming from it.

Flu treatment can also be obtained from the typical urgent care center as well. After all, the flu can be rampant throughout the United States, with up to 20% of all people coming down with it throughout the course of the typical year. Even during some of the more mild flu seasons that we’ve experienced as a country, still up to 5% of the population contracted and was diagnosed with the flu. The flu can be very serious, and seeking flu treatment is something that can help to at least mitigate the symptoms of it. When you get flu treatment, your symptoms are likely to be considerably less severe than they otherwise would have been, something that might even save you a trip to the hospital.

Medical care clinics can provide care for a wide array of injuries as well. For instance, many ankle sprains are seen throughout urgent care clinics here in the United States. With as many as 25,000 sprained ankles happening on a daily basis, it should come as no real surprise that so many people are being seen in urgent care locations for such issues.

There are many medical concerns for which you should seek medical attention, from injuries to illnesses to skin conditions. Fortunately, urgent care clinics all throughout the United States are growing in their popularity and in their ability to service larger and larger populations of people.

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